VoodooPad Lite

Because Tomboy doesn’t run superbly well on OS X (where are those magical native GTK bindings on OS X?), I decided to give VoodooPad Lite a twirl, after reading one of Rui’s posts. And I’m mighty impressed.

When it came to searching, it seemed like the full version was the only thing that supported searching thru the entire “wiki” file. However, with the wonders of Spotlight, I figured that’s one feature you don’t actually require, as Spotlight indexes the contents of the files, and you’ll get searches just beyond the titles or a single wiki page.

My spelling when I’m doing fast typing, and multitasking (like being on the phone) tends to be a little erroneous. Spell checking is important, especially if I’m taking down notes/ideas/thoughts. So, Preferences -> Options -> Check spelling as you type is something you definitely want ticked.

When I copy a link from my news-reader (NetNewsWire) I can’t actually paste it in VoodooPad Lite for some absurd reason. It only pastes the title text (i.e. what is between the link and the </a> tag). This seems fairly useless, so I filed a bug report accordingly. If you use Paste with Current Style however, it works (but the shortcut isn’t Mac+V, its Alt+Shift+Mac+V).

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  1. Gus Mueller says:

    You should be able to search through the whole document with VP Lite- if not, that’s a bug and you should send me an email with more details (vp version, os, etc..) so I can track it down and fix it.

    I’ll see about fixing the paste bug in the next vp release.