Camps, and WWDC2006

Just as Jay writes about an upcoming MySQL Barcamp, I’m all stoked to head to the 2006 inagural WordCamp. After that, I’ll be at Apple’s WWDC 2006.

There’s one thing there that interests me greatly is the My Agenda tool – you can pre-plan what you’re going for, have it printed or subscribed to in the webcal (iCal) format.

So, anyone want to catch up in San Francisco? I’ll be around from the 4th right till the 12th (though I leave later in the evening then). Drop me an email or just comment here…

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  • Kevin Burton

    I’ll be at Wordcamp… try to say hi :)…


  • Kevin Burton

    Oh. and I’m helping organize MySQL Camp so we can talk about that……

  • lotso

    Will be and still am in the states, in San Jose.

    Drop me an email. and we’ll work something out.

    Anything interesting happening this weekend? I’ll be bored as usual, so wouldn’t mind to hang out or go Camp/WWC (World Wrestling Championship 2006?)


  • Kevin Burton

    Oh. and I'm helping organize MySQL Camp so we can talk about that……