MySQLi Converter Tool, ext/mysqli against MySQL 5.0.26 released

Some interesting things happened today…

We released a new MySQL server a few days ago, and that consequently means we’ve got a new Connector/PHP available for download. Go get ext/mysqli and ext/mysql against 5.0.26 while its hot.

And while we do support ext/mysql, we’d rather you (and your applications) used ext/mysqli. After all, wouldn’t you like to be able to use the new, much touted features that came post MySQL 4.1, like Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Precision Math, and so on?

So to make it a complete no brainer, we released a MySQLi Converter Tool. Its also available via subversion. The tool is branched off Revision 11 (in where support for the error functions were added!), and if you wanted an easy, HOWTO styled guide for using it (i.e. the great GUI web interface wasn’t enough), here’s a step-by-step guide to getting WordPress 2.0.4 using the mysqli converter in almost no time!

Yes, read Converting to MySQLi and do provide feedback. This is really just to whet your appetite, developer documentation will probably be next. All on the MySQL Forge Wiki, of course.

Happy PHP-ing.

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  1. LenZ says:

    Fabolous! I’ve now added the SVN repository to our publish Fisheye SVN browser:


  2. Von ext/mysql nach ext/mysqli

    Die neue MySQL Extension MySQLi (für improved) ist eigentlich schon relativ alt. Seit PHP 5.0 ist sie fest mit PHP dabei und kann über –with-mysqli=mysql_config_path/mysql_config einkompiliert werden. Trotz vieler Vorteile gegenüber ext/mysql scheint d