Recent MySQL happenings: from digg, to $1,000 for a video contest

There have been some interesting MySQL happenings lately. First we had the Enterprise/Community split. I’ll talk more about that in terms of distributions shipping it, as I’ll be liaising with them.

But today, I’m going to talk about Digg. I listen to Diggnation, a surprisingly funny podcast to keep track of the weekly Web happenings. But I’ve never actually paid the site a visit. Until today.

Its the epitome of Web 2.0. User driven content. Its not like Slashdot. I’ve seen many people compare to it, but it isn’t. Slashdot is for tech-content. Digg is for anything. Slashdot has a bunch of editors. Digg is user-edited.

And for users, if your stories get promoted to the front-page, you get ratings. The more ratings, the merrier, right? It probably also increases the trust model, as higher ratings usually mean that you’ve got good news sense. And we all know that if your page gets “Dugg”, you’re going to be receiving some amazing amounts of traffic. Its like a popularity contest.

So I took the liberty of searching for “mysql”. And I found the Converting scripts fromt he old PHP MySQL extension to MySQLi submitted by another DIgg user, so I dugg it. I couldn’t resist further, and I submitted Do babies dream of being database engineers?

Yes, thats a really funny one. Keeping in mind that MySQL makes databases, not videos, we’re now rewarding people in the recently announced MySQL Video Contest in where the top prize is a spanking USD$1,000. December 15th is the closing date.

The video, Do babies dream of being database engineers? actually inspired this contest. View it, have a laugh, rate it, send it to groups, or digg it.

(More comments in the near future about Digg and YouTube, for certain).

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