Flight attendant gets inspired by “Veni. Vedi. Codi.”

I spoke to the Apple folk on Friday in Sydney, and wore my “Veni. Vidi. Codi.” t-shirt that was gifted to all WWDC 2006 attendees. After Virgin decided that we shouldn’t leave Sydney, changing our gates three times, because of the bad weather, we finally left. When I did land in Melbourne, one of the flight attendants was talking to me because of the t-shirt I was wearing and he wanted advice on buying his first Mac.

He’s now sold on the idea of a MacBook, and even if he needed the Windows goodness, he’d get it, thanks to BootCamp/Parallels. Merchandising is important…

Incidentally, at the second gate, they told us the plane there was unserviceable. However, they managed to fly that to the (sunny) Gold Coast. Seeing that there were no major dramas in Saturday’s papers, I guess planes can become unserviceable depending on the weather?

Oh, and I tried Keynote (demo-version for 30 days). Man, I was impressed. Its highly polished. And it works well with the remotes that Apple ship nowadays. It seems to take presentations to the next level. And the interface, its just simply amazing. Need to outdent a bullet? Just drag it and the grid shows up. Amazing, amazing, amazing.


  1. Oddly enough I’m going to Perth next week and will be wearing my Spotlight on Innovation shirt from the 05 WWDC! :)

    Keynote IS great isn’t it!? I use OmniOutliner a lot and indenting and outdenting things are as simple as tabbing and shift-tabbing.

    The Mac platform, for all its goodness, convenience and productivity boosting merits just can’t quite convert the masses fast enough. ((and THEY call US lemmings!?)) ;)

  2. byte says:

    Ah yes, I have the pro version of OmniOutliner and I see it has an export to keynote function. I will definitely want to make use of it more, on the Powerbook.

    (I used keynote on the Macbook pro, which is still not my main machine but something I do a lot of testing on)

    Ah yes, I have that WWDC05 t-shirt. I should hope to take a photo of it in the event that I haven’t already.

    And yes, convenience and productivity boosting. I’m falling more deeply in love with OS X. And getting used to paying for software too… Keeping in mind I’m an open source hippie

  3. aubs says:

    What!! youve never used keynote till now??? I doubt if your a serious MAC user :P

  4. byte says:

    @aubs: tsk tsk. remember i hack on openoffice.org… a little hard to want to use pages/keynote…

  5. rot says:

    it’s not really a comment more a question because i ended up on this article while searching for “streamyx parallels mac”.. well, i’m using streamyx and try to connect to the internet by using parallels on my imac. do you know if it works with streamyx?

  6. aMDCoPPeR says:

    @rot: I don’t see why not coz all Parallels do is just bridge ur connection that is already available from ur Mac OS X with the guest OS in parallels. Well, that is at least what’s going on with my Parallels anyway :)

  7. aubs says:

    What!! youve never used keynote till now??? I doubt if your a serious MAC user :P