Silly Malaysia – race cards pulled out, what happens when oil ringgit runs out?

While certain parliamentary members are wielding a kris, in hopes of telling the rest of Malaysia not to bring up Article 11 and 121(1A) of the Constitution (in where fairness, irrespective of race, should be practiced), Michael Backman decided to write: While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry.

Yes, Malaysia (and majority of Malaysians – seeing by the voters and the current coalition in power) has a grossly inflated sense of its place in the world. Yes, we didn’t need the Petronas Twin Towers; its not even the tallest any longer, and last time I visited illegally, it was rather empty. I never knew Suria KLCC (the shopping mall) was managed by the Westfield group!

Now they plan on sending some fool into space (the first Malay and not Malaysian in space might I add) at a cost of nearly RM100 million. He’s going to play Malay children’s games without gravity! (news clipping) It seems Petronas will only have oil till 2025, and maybe about till 2040 for gas; oil importing begins in 2011.

He ends, with “That’s not Malaysia “boleh”, that’s Malaysia “bodoh” (stupid).” And I cannot agree more. The rights of Malays today are thanks to Petronas oil. When that runs out, I’d like to see where else they go. After about sixty years of hand-outs, I doubt much will change. Its no wonder there’s a brain drain in Malaysia…

(as always, there’s some rabid discussion at Jeff Ooi’s Screenshots.)

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