MySQL miniconf @ LCA 2007; Paddy’s interview; Connector/PHP

MySQL MiniConf at 2007
This implies I’m coming to 2007 in Sydney next January. What’s more is that during the MiniConfs, we’ve got one for MySQL. Its on January 15th, and we’ve just put out the call for participation/papers. You have about eight (8) days left to submit a paper. So submit your tales of deployment, conference presentations, and I believe we’re even willing to accept “hand’s on” hacking sessions (ala what happened at MySQL Camp). Keep the wiki page handy, and submit goodies to mysql-miniconf[AT]mysql[dot]com.

Interview with Paddy Sreenivasan
Yes, Engineering Lead at Zmanda, they’re big on AMANDA and now have the Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL. Paddy’s very interested in the online backup API and we’ve been communicating for quite a while.

We give you Connector/PHP with MySQL Community Server 5.0.27 and PHP 5.2.0. In the very near future, we’ll bring you updated packages for the 4.1 series as MySQL AB is going to be releasing it soon.

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