Video cameras and Linux

Does anyone know how the FUDCon 2006 videos were made? I remember participating in making the FUDCon 1 videos, while talking to thomasvs on IRC to get things working, but my memory now fades me.

Within a minimal budget, what DV video camera can I buy now[1], that records to mini-DV tapes/hard disk/DVD, and can be interfaced to some Linux software to do live streaming or just on-disk recording?

I’m OK with a Firewire interface (4-pin preferred, 6-pin acceptable), USB would be nice too. And the video camera must work on Linux. And it’d be nice if it were kind of portable (they all seem to be these days). A plus point if it software records in open formats like OGG.

Also, if anyone knows, what’s good to edit video? Kino?


[1] – I notice the Linux1394 HCL. Is this current? It’d be excellent if there was a filter for “currently available” cameras.

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  1. Cinelerra is pretty neat for editing.

  2. Andrew Z says:

    Any DV/firewire camcorder should work. I use Kino mostly. It’s easy and does most things well. Cinelerra is more powerful but harder to understand.

  3. Andrew Z says:

    For streaming, and OGG and such, you would need some extra software. Usually video is recorded in a super-high-bitrate DV format and is later encoded to MPEG2/whatever. I think maybe Kino and Cinelerra do Ogg, but you’d have to check. For streaming, maybe VLC?

  4. byte says:

    Thanks Stewart & Andrew Z. I guess I’ll go shopping for a DV cam since most work.

    But still doesn’t give me a solution to what was used to make the OGG videos…

  5. Dan Dennedy says:

    ffmpeg2theora is the best solution. Kino comes with an export script that will use it once installed.