Document Management Systems: recommendations sought

Is anyone into document (not content) management systems? Is the best solution out there, for the paperless environment, something like KnowledgeTree? I’m looking for recommendations.

The idea here is to scan newspaper clippings, parts of books, and so on, place it in a DMS, and give it tags (like Flickr does), as well as add some appropriate metadata (like maybe the title of the article as text, an OCR conversion of the first paragraph and some notes), and have it as a searchable database.

I’m planning on picking up a flatbed scanner (it seems most USB ones do work with Linux, my aged 10-year-old-scanner that works on a parallel port still doesn’t), and then setting up the document management system that performs some kind of rsync or keeps version control in SVN, so that these documents are also accessible via the Internet (maybe private, maybe public). Services like Amazon’s S3 or even a DreamHost account seem to be viable for this option.

I like everything about KnowledgeTree (from its website, at least), save for the US$2,200 fee for their SMB edition (I can imagine the WebDAV stuff, and integration with Office applications being useful). It however does look like the license is liberal enough to allow extensions to be written… Q2/2007, maybe their OOo plugin will be free for all.

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  1. spoonfork says:

    i test driven KT a few months back – it’s good for enterprise usage, really. just that it’s performance is a tad slow for my liking. it supports the features that you want (scan-then-keep-in-kt), installation is a breeze, however what i hated most that it does not scan file repositories – you have to upload the files manually if you have existing files collection. which is nuts if you have like tons of files. KT suits your needs.

  2. Hello,

    Sorry about the pricing, but we do need to recoup some of our investment in the product. The open source edition is however highly extensible (see our wiki for more info) and we allow quite a bit to be done to it from a legal perspective.

    Windows Performance is at times a problem and we have several work-arounds and are working on permanent fixes. Performance on Linux is quite fine.

    KnowledgeTree can load trees of documents from local or remote file systems using the “Import from Server Location” action item available to users with Admin privileges.

    With regards the client plugin: we’re doing some thinking about how it fits in to our licensing regime.

    Keep well,

  3. Paul M says:

    Although I do not use this product yet, it appears to have the functionality required.

    You will need to pickup some OCR software, maybe something that uses a print driver or command line driven for creating output type.

    If you have high speed, I strongly suggest you look at the “Alfresco DemoCast Video Blog”.

    With a couple of very simple rules, what your asking for could be done in fairly straight forward manner.

    Rule: all OCR’d documents goto folder OCR
    Rule: documents entering OCR folder print to OCR software
    Rule: output of OCR type are placed in OCRComplete folder
    , and append from there.

  4. sam says:


    only open source DMS i could find on is Owl-Intranet. I’m planning on trying that out for now for a project I’m working on.

    Its probably not as great as knowledge tree as yet, but i haven’t tried it, and would not know if it’s in the same league or not.

    heh, btw, do they have an trial version of knowledge tree?

  5. Nice Blog, I’m using toko for content management (it’s a free one)…

  6. Rob Bruce says:

    Hi, Take a look ar, we may be able to help. We can get you in under 2K.

  7. DMW Forum says:

    Arriving late to this party…

    I put together a web site ( with some information about document management and workflow systems. I also have a bunch of product reviews, which may be helpful to you.

  8. Hi , thanks for the link to, has been a great help for me in my line of work, keep up the good work.

  9. Software Doc says:

    I’ve heard things about KnowledgeTree and SCAN. Of course, I am now using a newer program from