Do domains after your alias matter?

Today I saw an interesting opinion posted on a mailing list. I’ll quote from the fedora-list post:

What folks say here cant be taken as Fedora toting anything. It is just some user opinions.

Some of those "user opinions" came from addresses, I actually don't take any notice of @anydomain.blah posters, as they are just like I, posting a personal opinion, but when you post with, it is next best thing to an official comment.

And I’m wondering, is this true with all users? Does it matter if the post comes from or not? Are your opinions more valued if you’re employed by an open source company or the project in question?

I personally think its silly. If I make a post to mysql-list, with my address, I don’t expect that to be an official comment or a reflection of our excellent (albeit, paid for) support. Are my opinions on fedora-devel-list any lesser, when I don’t have an address (or maybe, don’t use my alias?). If anyone has any thoughts from the vs. in the Ubuntu Community, I’d love to hear about it.

Got to tread carefully if this is what goes on in minds. User opinions becoming the gospel? Tsk tsk.

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One Comment

  1. cos says:

    I remember getting nailed for this kind of thing on the local Monash usenet groups 10 years ago by students whining about not being able to get a free line on the modem pool (or whatever). Any time we’d try and help by replying unofficially about stuff, they’d accuse us of “speaking for the Computer Center” ’cause of our addresses.

    I guess it’s your turn now. Ha-ha!