MySQL cool-aid: 40% on MySQL; EUR$1+ million deal signed

Its interesting to note some happenings in the MySQL world of late, that might be of interest to people in the database world, and those following open source software development and business models.

40% of developers say they use MySQL, according to the Evans Data Group. This is not including pilot projects, but real production use in corporate environments. A lot of MySQL’s popularity is generally attributed to the LAMP stack, though I see a change. Look at all the Ruby on Rails projects out there. They most definitely run on a MySQL backend. A good example are the products from 37signals, makers of the rather new, and cool tool, Highrise – they’re Ruby on Rails, and MySQL powered.

Is this 40% statistic prevelant to customers moving away from closed-sourced databases, or the traditional behemoths? I’m not privy to say (in fact, I generally don’t know how many migrations to MySQL there are), but I’m of the understanding that MySQL is probably hitting new markets, with all these web-based companies these days (ahem, Web 2.0 if you must). There are probably a large amount of migrations, but not significant enough to be a whopping large portion of the 40%.

Then, via James Governor: MySQL signs its first ever $1m+ deal. Keywords to take away include European telco, EUR$1m+, and helping the IPO momentum. This is obviously not something that there have been press releases about (yet?), but its great news, especially since its the first ever. This clearly gives the database some real bragging rights, I think. While MySQL’s planned IPO is not the first OSS IPO, its been quite a while since we last had one. Probably first open source database to IPO. And now, with a very large customer, this clearly rocks!

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  1. Kevin says:

    Is this a good thing?

    After the IPO, the main aim of the company will be to make money. We’ve seen the company heading this way with the Enterprise/Community move.

    I’m not sure that the IPO will a good thing at all.

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