MySQL Conference 2007 schedule is *packed*

Have you taken a look at the MySQL Conference 2007 schedule yet? With just one day to start, I’d advise you to take a gander. So many interesting things, that my only complaint (well, a suggestion) is that I hope that these talks get a video recording and they should be given to attendees via the web. Apple have done this for WWDC, and did a great job in 2007 to record every session.

Why video recording? Because each block of time, have 8 sessions, in where about 3-5 sessions on average can be interesting. Last I checked, I couldn’t split myself.

Sure the slides will make it online eventually, but the talk itself is where most interest really is at, I believe.

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  1. Sheeri says:

    For posterity:

    is where slides, videos, audio, etc are at.