Monty is the world’s first MySQL fellow

Yes, you heard it here first. Monty is the world’s first MySQL Fellow. For outstanding work, being the co-Founder of MySQL AB, and for continuing excellent work. Standing ovation, might I add.

Some quick comments from the clash of the DB egos:
Heikki Tuuri – he worked for Solid, then went on to university, and learned everything about databases. He attributes it to stubbornness. Monty said he should make InnoDB open source, and he obeyed!

Mikael Ronstrom – “entrepreneurial ego in a large company”. He had a vision of what he wanted to do. Guess he was also a bit stubborn…

Jim Starkey had the most interesting hat ;-) And he probably made a couple of bucks from it…
“Does the United States still have anything to say in databases?”

Starting over is important, because you learn new things… Jim Starkey has written about 5 databases in his lifetime.

Nitro: really fast speeds (faster than MyISAM). Monty does say its not a perfect solution. Positional awareness, so any index entry knows where it is.

Update: Oops, looks like Kaj might’ve got this out first – Monty: The First MySQL Fellow.

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