DotOrg: WordPress, Eventum visits

I spoke to Matt and Barry today, and it was great to see them at the DotOrg Pavilion at the MySQL Expo, since the last time we caught up was at WordCamp 2006. Since WordCamp, is now spanning something like 900,000+ registered users! That number used to be over 300,000+, just a few months ago, so it looks like they’re really popular.

While Barry entertained a visitor, Matt and I got to talking about growing companies. He’s really happy with the size of Automattic, and is going to try for as long as possible to keep the company size, under fifty. He’s also found it interesting that some people are running WordPress 1.2 (ick! security holes galore), and while I worried that the database itself might not be migrate-able, he mentions that going from 1.2 to 2.1 should be no problem at all. Speaking of releases, a new WordPress is just around the corner.

I just love updating WordPress. He mentioned that there’s a plugin that downloads the new package, unpacks it, installs it, and does it all on the fly, but it scares him, due to the recent break-in. Well, it seems fair, and I too wouldn’t want such a plugin, but a more automated way of doing things, would rock, though. For what it’s worth, WordPress 2.2 will allow you to disable all plugins at one button click, so that should be useful (and yes, this means I can script it easier). And now, they run an md5 like every minute on WordPress to make sure the release doesn’t change!

I’ve also been advised to use SVN for deploying WordPress. I’ll definitely look into it soon, as I want to get everything into revision control eventually.

I also got to speak with Bryan Alsdorf, Eventum developer, and got a nice run down of the history of the software. More love needs to be given to this tool, as its great, is basically the infrastructure that runs MySQL Support, and others will definitely find this useful too (if in the support business). I learnt some new things, the fact that there is also a command line interface to it, makes me like this software even more. Again, part of the fun of working in a distributed environment – this is the first time I’ve spoken at length to, with Bryan.

Got so many more people and DotOrg folk to visit tomorrow. Well, enough writing now, its time to go visit the DotOrg reception to grab some drinks and food.

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  1. Chris Samuel says:

    Hi Colin,

    I’ve got to say that recently I’ve just not bothered to disable plugins when upgrading WordPress, based on the advice of a friend who’s been running it much longer than I have, and I’m yet to have a problem with a WP upgrade. It’s much easier than anything else I’ve played with so far!

    However, I do have root access to my server and do have the nous to get myself out of most problems (and I keep backups)…


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