Fedora Daily Package; Full Circle Magazine; Low cost French computer

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Fedora Daily Package
The Fedora Daily Package is a great site. Chris Tyler, even gets to pimp his book! Its filled with nuggets of useful information, tips and tricks on how to get things going, and introduces you to some new software that you thought might not have existed. I can only wish the energy to continue, and for us to keep on getting great tips and tricks. Inspired largely from the Debian Package of the Day, one day we might see Fedora’s package count match Debian’s universe.

Full Circle Magazine
Full Circle Magazine, is touted as the free Ubuntu Community Magazine. It looks very, very interesting, but makes a few classic mistakes. Having only a PDF version of the online magazine, is a bit of a bummer – the web is largely best viewed in a web browser, so the individual articles should really be sitting as individual links, and searchable by Google, and so forth. The other mistake I think is not offering monetary rewards for article contribution – IBM developerWorks and Red Hat Magazine offer USD$500 per accepted article, and no matter what you want to say, money is always handy. In these days when one can publish so easily on their own blog, get their own AdSense dollars, it probably makes more sense to pay for content thats going into a “magazine” or being used for commercial marketing purposes (to show an active, vibrant community, even).

Here’s hoping Canonical decide to adopt Full Circle Magazine, make a web-also version, pay even USD$100 per article, and continue its success.

Low cost French computer
The Minitel is something I saw in my French textbooks, back during my high school days of learning a new language. It seems that Neuf Cegetel, a French ISP is now aiming to create a low-cost computer for folk that are unable or unwilling to buy a computer. Reminds me of the PC Gemilang. It has open source software – Firefox, Abiword, Gnumeric. It comes with very little space, but with the world moving online, thin clients seem to make more sense, everyday. There’s also a good chance this has more success than the PC Gemilang, as its ISP supported. And cheap – €167.90 buys you a computer, keyboard, mouse, camera, and a 14″ color monitor. Thats only about €50 cheaper than the PC Gemilang.

I think its safe to say that the Internet has reached everyone that matters, in most first world countries. Anyone else (with such low broadband and Internet penetration rates) is probably not into the Internet, because they’re not even wanting to get a computer. Various reasons probably apply here, but when you bring the cost of accessing the Internet down to a rate where people see it as a consumable, thats where the next wave of Internet customers are coming from. ISPs and online business folk probably should see this shift coming, soon.

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