Jabra BT250V Bluetooth Headset

Its 2007, I’m tired of driving around and not being able to pick up my handset (or doing so, and looking over my shoulder), and its just so much fun chatting into blank space (to onlookers). Okay, all that’s a lie. Stewart & I were looking for a power adapter for his laptop, and we found a closing CompUSA store; Bluetooth headsets were going off for about 50% discount, so I only paid USD$30 for this baby. Go Jabra BT250V!

I hesitated in its purchase, not sure if the charger will blow up when I bring it back to Australia, but the store clerk was ridiculously helpful in finding out. The Motorola headset that was for sale was about half the size of the Jabra, but according to the store clerk, he’s received complaints about the Motorola. Plus the Jabra advertises that it performs better against wind. So I picked it up on a whim.

No returns for me (considering I was going to hop on a plane in a couple of hours after said purchase). Charged it up yesterday, paired it with my Nokia N73, and I’m a happy caamper. It just works. In fact, I can voice dial using the Jabra as well.

It comes with a Mini Gel, and that can be changed depending on which ear I want it configured for. I must say, the behind the ear design is a little odd, so it takes some time to get it on my ear, but once that’s done its a secure fit, and seems rather comfortable. It advertises 8-10 hours of talk time, I haven’t tested it yet, but with a 2 hour to full charge time, I’m kind of impressed. Did I mention, it vibrates, when you’ve got a call – so my phone can be in silent (non-vibrate) mode in my pocket when I sit in the train, and still answer my calls with great ease.

What I do dislike about the charging scenario is that I have yet another American style charger (ick! but not the Jabra’s fault), and you need the little charging dock that comes with the Jabra. You can’t just plug the charger in, which seems a little daft, so this is extra stuff I’ve got to carry when I travel.

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