MySQL Community Rocks – look at all the contributed audio & video

The MySQL community is just great. I’ve been suggesting that we get recordings for the Conference & Expo, alas, its generally not in the roadmap. I mean, look at Apple and their WWDC – all attendees get amazing video recordings that switch between slides and the speaker. Last year, they even delivered it via iTunes! In previous years, they distributed DVDs (valuable, though with WWDC a lot is generally new technology announcements, and I can hardly want to reference what was cool for Panther or Tiger any longer…) Mad props also to the 2007 team, who also did amazing recordings – sessions were available by the evening they were given!

The MySQL conference is a lot different. There are lots of reusable sessions. Some that you attend, you’ll get knowledge committed for life. The tendency to not see too many roadmap talks makes it very useful for future reference.

Back to why the community rocks. They’ve done exactly what should have been done – record the sessions. Give much applause to:

  • Sheeri Kritzer, for a lot of 2007 MySQL User Conference & Expo Presentations & Videos. Sheeri walked around with tripod, and video camera, and did an amazing job. She has MP3 audio and VMV video (it plays on Linux…)
  • Baron Schwartz, has a few files, that are available in OGG Vorbis format.
  • However, that’s not so good for iPod users, so Kevin Burton decided to make MP3’s of Baron’s recordings!

If that wasn’t enough, let me take a moment to thank all the Planet MySQL bloggers, who pretty much created content so regularly, that you could follow the conference, even while you were not there. Kudos to all!

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  1. Mike Hillyer says:

    I’d be remiss if I did not shamelessly plug my Presentations Page, where I keep powerpoints and Flash videos of my sessions from the UC ;)


  2. Sheeri says:

    To have full disclosure — the page I made takes the slides from the O’Reilly official page, combines it with the myriad of “here are my slides” posts to Planet MySQL, and links to Baron, Kevin and Mike’s audio and video.

    I know I hate going to 20 places to find everything I want. There’s no need for folks to have to go to more than one site, just because the content was provided by more than one person.

    (Because Baron made statements about bandwidth, I downloaded the .ogg files and is hosting them, whereas Kevin and Mike’s files are linked to.)

    The technocation page is one-stop shopping, as I feel it should be. If folks have anything to add, I’m happy to update the page.

    (I’ll post this to the planet when I get the quiz show up, likely tonight).