MySQL Resources across the Interwebs

In an effort to reduce the number of open tabs I have in Firefox, I have some rather interesting MySQL-related resources that I think the rest of Planet MySQL will quite enjoy.

  • Linbit (the makers of DRBD) and MySQL are in a partnership now, and Irwan Jamaluddin, a systems adminstrator at one of the only Linux support companies in Malaysia, has recently blogged about his journey with DRBD and MySQL. The operating system base is RHEL 5, and there is a step-by-step guide on how he got it working. From what I gather, its a cut-n-paste tutorial, not something I’ve verified, but I’m sure I’ll refer to it when I want to play with DRBD.
  • MySQL Basics in Pictures. Granted they’ve used an odd version of Linux for the basis of the tutorial, but that doesn’t affect the quality of the tutorial. Covers all the basics, from getting started, simple administration, queries, table manipulations, very basic security, and web access. Incidentally, they also offer some PHP Basics, that MySQL beginners might find useful.
  • The official announcement for the MySQL Users Conference Japan is out. September 11, and 12 2007, at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, registrations open up in July, its free to attend if you pre-register, but costs 5,000 yen if you walk-in (~AUD50).
  • The MySQL Database Server rPath appliance is out. Single installation CD, QEMU/VMWare/Xen images. The version of MySQL shipped with it is rather dated (5.0.24), 5.0.33 is available in the rPath repositories already (still, somewhat dated!). But this is a one-stop solution to running MySQL (i.e. its dead easy), so give it a twirl.

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