Vice-advertising moving to various Internet mediums

Brilliant. Alcohol-related advertising is hindered upon quite regularly. Then there’s the problem of selling cigarettes. Vices are just finding it harder to advertise, and reach their prospective markets.

Hence, I have got to commend Smirnoff. They pick up a bunch of “A-list” bloggers, invite them to a party (a launch party for new Vodka flavours), and by the virtue/nature of bloggers, there are blog entries before the party, and what’s really important are the blog entries after the party. The lifestyle, is being sold. Drink Smirnoff, and you’re going to be having as much fun at similar parties (and maybe, you’ll be an “A-list” blogger).

Kids these days find the Internet more important than television (probably largely because they can get their television via the Internet, but that’s another story). Why try to fight with regulators (Philip Morris are starting a tobacco concept store on Chapel St., amidst much slamming), when blogs and the Internet are out there, for you to get community, grassroots, free advertising?

Smirnoff makes use of YouTube too – check out the Smirnoff Experience. They’re inspiring their best customers to advertise for them, not controlling them in any way.

As Seth Godin says: “The network was always there, but the Internet makes it powerful. It amplifies the happy user and spreads the word.” “Hand the megaphone to your best customers, who can help turn their friends and colleagues into your new best customers,” he adds in Forbes 90th anniversary issue on the power of networks.

(Yes, Nokia seems to be giving away free phones to bloggers in Singapore, and LG has aligned with Jeff Ooi of Malaysia, they too are harnessing the customers that have a voice, to turn their readers into potential customers. No corporate blog rubbish in general – just pure users, with megaphones.)

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  1. Funny that I’ve never heard of any of the “a list bloggers” you cite. I guess that B and C list bloggers with illusions of grandeur probably do just as well for advertising.

  2. suanie says:

    A list? hardly :)

  3. byte says:

    @russell: i should’ve clarified it a little more when I was referring to them being “a list” (or even b or c-list blogberities (sp?)). Naturally, these bloggers are pretty popular in Malaysia, and thats where the party was.

    in my large-ish feed list (probably not as large as robert scoble’s) i also occasionally scan singaporean based blogs, and its amazing to see nokia just throw phones their way. well, in america, microsoft throws laptops for bloggers.

    in australia, i’ve yet to find any of this sort of advertising per se, and we have some really popular “a-list” (or b/c list even :P) blogs, circling from food right up to tech news.

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