Zimbra, and Nokia Symbian Series 60 IMAPS issue

I’ve been a big supporter of Zimbra, because I think they’re one of the few projects/companies that get email/calendering/a groupware solution, right. Sure, I don’t necessarily like the model where they cripple the open source version in terms of say, backups (but this I guess will be fixed when MySQL supports online backups natively). No AdSense zimlet? Its easy enough to write one (with spare time).

What’s annoyed me of late with Zimbra, is its lack of ability to work with my Nokia E61i. Its a known problem (since February this year?), as it also affected the E61 (and probably other Series 60 phones, when you’re trying to access the Zimbra server over IMAP). You get the certificate being displayed, you get the headers, and when you try to open any email bodies, it just stops working.

The target for this fix, seems to be Zimbra 5, and according to their roadmap, we should see it in Q3/2007. The betas are already out, though I’m not about to load it on a production system. Watch zimbra#14850 – Nokia E61 sync with imaps if this affects you. There’s also a reference forum post. And here’s hoping to a good release, this quarter (2 more months to go!).

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  1. Dan Karp says:

    Sorry to take so long on this fix. Things should work properly with the E61 as of the Zimbra 4.5.7 release or the next 5.0 beta.

  2. byte says:

    Thanks Dan! Now, I’ll definitely want to pop the 4.5.7 release on, and give it a twirl. However, the download page still lists 4.5.6 as the GA release?

    Latest 4.5.6 Notes (2007-06-28 17:30)

    I wonder when 4.5.7 will make its rounds, but I’ll definitely upgrade, asap, the moment its about

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  4. Lordbyte says:

    4.5.7 is out

    I have try and now all work fine with my Nokia E90