Planet MySQL on Twitter

While it would seem that using Mugshot is for core Linux geeks (it runs on Windows too, you know), I’ve not seen much adoption of the MySQL Mugshot Group, that was announced back in February. I’ve always enjoyed getting the Mugshot client running on my desktop informing me of new RSS feeds in Planet MySQL, so I can read new blog entries relatively quickly.

A new notification method has come upon us – its Twitter. When all is hunky dory, you get IMs or SMSes the moment a post is made from someone you’re following. So I give you the Twitter Planet MySQL Feed. Just add user “planetmysql” as a friend you’re following, make sure that notifications are turned on, and you’ll be notified whenever the Planet is pinged (which happens every 40 minutes once, I believe).

How is this possible? Largely thanks to rss2twitter. The interface is simple, and there are no controls, so I’m hoping it “just works”. The other option seems to be twitterfeed. It seems to require an OpenID login, plus a twitter login, and probably has a lot more controls and a blog to boot. Its the next obvious choice if rss2twitter fails me.

Update: I’ve started using twitterfeed. And in the first 23 hours or so, the Planet MySQL feed itself was broken, so no one got any updates. All is well now, it seems. Pinging once every hour, which is about right for Planet MySQL’s cron job.

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