The MySQL Mugshot Group

Don’t know how many of you actually have heard of, or use, Mugshot, but I just started playing with it after a long hiatus, and decided that it’s pretty cool. Something the MySQL community will probably enjoy being part of (currently, to take full advantage, you want to be a Linux or Windows XP user).

By virtue of looking for the next new community hangouts, I figure we create a MySQL Mugshot Group. And before folk wonder what Mugshot’s all about, I suggest reading the feature list. Keep in mind that Mugshot is completely open source, and its a very live social experience, in this “notification era”. Its a whole lot of fun, and from what I can tell, the signups are now open to the public so what’s keeping you?

The site has i386 RPMS for Fedora Core 6, so I thought I’d rebuild them for x86_64 as well. Will probably get some PowerPC builds going next week. I’m surprised this hasn’t made it into Extras yet, it should be fairly clean-ish (haven’t looked at the packaging myself though).