Users Conference Japan 2007 – more notes and photos

Taking photos is easy. Processing them is hard. By processing I mean, going through them, ditching ones that didn’t quite make the cut, and then uploading them. Note processing does not even mean editing them in The Gimp.


UC-J reception
View from the Miraikan, looking towards Daiba, at the UC-J reception
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The reception was amazing, heaps of people won gifts, and kudos again to the organisers. Drinking black vodka, aka Salmiakki that Monty brought, was definitely a treat for those who rocked up to the reception.

A dinner at Kyotatsu
Dinner at Kyotatsu (best viewed large)

We went to Kyotatsu twice. Once with the extended MySQL Japanese Community. And once with just mostly MySQLers. We were introduced to crab bowels, something I really like (and might be Kaj’s new favourite dish too) – if only I find it easily in Melbourne. Note that the community dinner was amazing – I think spread amongst three folk, there were no less than ten MySQL books written in Japanese by them. The collective intelligence on that table, was just astounding. Hacking while there, was not a big deal for Tomita-san, famous for the MySQL/Ruby connector.

A dinner at Kyotatsu
Pouring sake (view it large)

A truly different experience, as you pour more than required in the glass, and then drink from the square bottomed bit, like a coaster.

I’m pretty much done with my Japanese photo-set, so look at the MySQL Users Conference Japan (UC-J) 2007 set. To see what you missed. To be there next year. To be at a similar event, in Santa Clara, notably the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008.

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  1. wahlau says:

    Salmiakki is something i find interesting and not too bad at all in Finnland. I even got myself a bottle and half bottle is still in my fridge. not many really appreciate it though ;)

  2. byte says:

    I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I actually don’t mind drinking quite a bit of it :) I get it at pretty much every MySQL event Monty shows up to!

    But for those in Japan, it was a little “different” I guess. But everyone drank it with joy, from what I gathered

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