A letter to the del.icio.us folk at Yahoo!

Dear Yahoo!,

Things on the Internet die way too quickly. I was just going through my Liferea feeds list today, and noticed about half a dozen blogs that had died. Domains don’t resolve any longer, they’ve decided to stop blogging (and remove their blog posts), and so on. Highly annoying, seeing that I have bookmarked some of these sites in del.icio.us.

I’d pay a reasonable sum for del.icio.us (say, like how I pay for my Flickr Pro account) to take snapshots of the page when I add it to my del.icio.us feed. Something like a cache (like one from your competitor in search, Google Cache; heck even your search engine caches pages!). If I visit the link again via del.icio.us, it will ideally update (via a smart diff) the snapshot, if there’s new content. However, if the content is gone, I’ll always have the original snapshot to refer to.

I know I can muck around with Google Cache or even the Internet Archive, but its just added work. Worse, sometimes blog entries aren’t cached in either :(

Hope you implement something like this in the very near future.

    Kind Regards,
    Colin, long-time del.icio.us user

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