Quick notes on Malaysia

Some quick, quick notes with regards to Malaysia.

Twitter in Malaysia
It seems that the Malaysians have done it again! They’ve copied Twitter, and they have PacMee. The model requires you to have a mobile phone, so it is obviously more expensive than Twitter. But they’re probably aiming to go on popularity – they’ve got “famous” bloggers like cheesie, nicolekiss and kennysia. The first two are complete camwhores (which is why I have their feeds in Google Reader, so when I’m bored on the train, I get entertained), and they don’t exactly look loathsome, so probably have a good readership. What I found interesting with PacMee is that they’re doing and interesting contest – The Most Happening Babes on Friendster. It just goes to show that Friendster is still very much alive (oh, don’t talk about OpenSocial, just yet), and if you find a “babe”, you might be inclined to follow her on PacMee. All in all, making Maxis/Hotlink a pretty penny. They also have an API!

Bahasa Malaysia
My search-fu doesn’t stretch to show me much information about this archaic organisation, the Overseas Umno Club Alumni. Is it the fact that they’re Umno folk that are overseas? Should they then stop butting into Malaysian issues? These folk seem to think Bahasa Melayu is a better name for the national language. However, the Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin, has said “the use of the term Bahasa Malaysia was a more friendly and effective approach in the effort to unite Malaysians.” A name of a language to unite Malaysians? Surely they assume Malaysians in general are morons, right?

Temple Demolition
When the Taliban destroyed ancient Buddhist sculptures in Afghanistan, it made world news. In Malaysia, the governmental agencies decided it was okay to wipe out 60 years of history for a Hindu temple in Kampung Rimba Jaya, not much was said and done. In addition, assaulting the Chief Priest, seemed like a good idea. All before the Hindu festival of Diwali/Deepavali, which ironically, happens today. What is Malaysia coming to? A disgusting place lacking religious freedoms? Let it be my next pet project to document these beautiful structures, lest they disappear.

Via Shashi Tharoor, he quotes a New York Times editorial piece by Tina Rosenberg: “Mobs often seek to destroy religious & ethnic sites, both to intimidate the people who hold them sacred and to send the message ‘you do not belong here.'” 50 years of independence?

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  1. KageSenshi says:

    @Twitter in Malaysia

    this is one of the times where I feel like it would be good if .MY have some sort of patent law to protect these ideas from being abused by these money-sucking-companies cloners

    wtf, even the template look similar ..

    @Bahasa Malaysia

    yet another stupid reasons for these people to argue at ..

    @Temple Demolition

    hish .. I hope their call for the Prime Minister actually reached him … .MY lower and middle management are seriously corrupted… I have respect for .MY leaders .. but their underlings … God please burn them in hell!!

  2. “Bahasa Melayu” is the original name for the language.

    In order to use it as tool for racial intergration, the language must be use regularly,
    not just rename it base on country name.

    racial intergration work better in Malay in rural area, compared in english at urban area.

    UMNO can change the name of the language used in Malaysia, but it cant change the name of language used by Singaporean Malay. “Malaysia” is not their country anyway.

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  4. Ali Raju Chong says:

    The only way to unite all Malaysian is by knowing each of our problems and discuss it openly. Know what they actually think about us & learn from it.

    Malay talk:
    Chinese can’t be trusted especially in business, looks very nice to you but talk bad about you in their own language. Chinese are arrogant doesnt want to speak B.Melayu in public instead using Chinese or English. Rich Chinese are arrogant especially when dealing with Malays lower level officers. Chinese are gangsters, most AhLong, disco tech, prostitution, gambling are own by Chinese. Chinese are so arrogant and selfish when condemning Malays about racial issues wheres they are the one who should be blamed; since they still insist of having separate independent Chinese School even though Sekolah Wawasan has been proposed to combine all racial base independent school to one central location school system. Lots of Chinese can’t even speak Malay fluently in fact even cant understand it totally. They think Malay language is a low standard language. So why should we trust Chinese. To Indian, we don’t like too many temples wheres there only few Hindus in surrounding areas.

    Chinese talk:
    We are 2nd class citizen. This “boleh land” is not belong to us but to Malays. We’ll always loose if we fight for government or GLC’s tenders. We also have poor Chinese but where should we ask for help instead Malay has MARA, PUNB, PNB, UITM & lots more.

    Indian talk:
    Same as above.

    *If you have any other things to add lets discuss it over.

    How to solve this (my personal analysis):
    – eliminate all racial base school or combine those schools under one place like sekolah wawasan. (do this by force if needed. we have to scarify our self or else they’ll be no Malaysia for our future generation)
    – build a language center through out Malaysia. In which all Malaysian can go and learn any language either Malay, Chinese or Tamil for free. (since we fail to unite our self by using a single Malay language. Though learning a language is something that will take ages but that’s not the point, the point is all Malaysian will be more sensitive and careful when they talk in public)

    Bottom line is when you stop hurting someones heart, yours will stop too.