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Reason #257 to work at MySQL. You get invited to the company meeting in Orlando, Florida, next January. If you follow a MySQL’er on Dopplr, for instance, you might see that they’re all generally away in Orlando, during the 15-19 January 2008.

Well, the whole company, naturally cannot be there… MySQL has essential services, like support and IT infrastructure that must continue to hum along, while the rest of the company enjoys a few days of sunny Florida.

I don’t exactly know what’s planned, but one can imagine team building exercises, internal team meetings, and quite possibly teams meeting other teams (to increase team interoperability and efficiency). It seemed to have worked well at the Heidelberg DevMeeting, so I presume it’ll scale well for a much larger group. And of course fun – good dinners, great company, and plentiful drinking I’m sure will ensue.

Highly excited I am, to be heading to this event. As will be quite a number of employees, who’ve never been to such an event before! Remember, being a distributed company, in over 25 countries, makes an event in where everyone gathers in one place for a few days, truly memorable, and really important to keep the creative juices flowing. The productivity spike around the DevMeeting clearly prove that some interaction is much better than IRC+emails+voice communication only.

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  1. Jay Pipes says:

    I have requested that you and I share a room. ;P

  2. aubs says:

    so where do the rest of us mere mortals go to sign up to be part of this great company…??

  3. byte says:

    @Jay: Oh gosh, I can imagine shoe throwing and a lack of sleep :)

    @aubs: mysql is always hiring, please look at the jobs page!