LDAP vs. DBMS (or migrating to fedora directory server)

Via the Fedora Miniconf, I attended Del Elson’s talk on Migrating to Fedora Directory Server. Interesting scripts, and glue code was presented, the slides (verbose, good) are online, but there’s no video :(

Tiny amount of notes:

  • directory has one schema, one “row” type (“object”). RDBMS has many tables
  • directory => optimised for reads, slow for writes
  • directory has an adaptable and mutable schema format – good for storing information about “people”
  • think about the fact, that people usually have more than one phone number…
  • access protocol – ldap vs. sql

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  1. James says:

    It’s a pity it’s got some inaccuracies about OpenLDAP. Let’s see – it does multimaster in 2.4, has done schema replication since 2.3 (as part of in-directory config replication – FDS doesn’t do that). And there’s no mention of benchmarks. Admittedly I’m in the camp that can’t understand why RH bought NDS instead of contributing to OpenLDAP – sure, I’ve got nostalgia for the Netscape server products, but that doesn’t make them good code.

  2. Gavin Henry says:

    @James: Yeah, totally agree.

    Shame they won't even use their own software: