MySQL Community Dinner a great success

The Sunday before the MySQL Conference and Expo usually means the party at Marten’s house. This year, some of us arrived there rather early, and also made a beeline for the exit, rather quickly. This despite all the good alcohol, amazing food being served, and the great company of colleagues we hardly ever see. Why?

Some of us wanted to crashattend the MySQL Conf 2008 Community Dinner. And we did! The entire MySQL Community Team was there, as was Brian Aker, Mark Atwood, Monty Widenius, Timour Katchaounov, Eric Herman. We also naturally brought Barton George along (he gave us a ride! Thanks Barton). Oh, and did I mention, Rich Green and Jonathan Schwartz were there too? Jonathan picked up the tab, naturally :)

MySQL Community Dinner
Monty and Brian chat, while Jonathan is in the background

A big thank you to Jonathan and Rich. All the conversation, all the people I met (old and new), it was just simply fabulous. Now of course, comes the great fun of following up, and getting things done!

MySQL Community Dinner
Jonathan Schwartz with the MySQL/Sun plush dolphins

Did I mention that Santa Giuseppe also brought along little plush dolphins? Great party favours!

MySQL Community Dinner
Giuseppe with some Sun/MySQL dolphins… Monty egging him on

All in all, a great start to the conference. Pictures (that I took anyway – all Creative Commons licensed by Attribution, non-commercial, share-alike) are at my MySQL Conference and Expo 2008 set. They’ve all been added to the 2008 MySQL Users Conference and Expo group on Flickr as well. I know Ronald Bradford was running around with a camera (a 40D, like I have at home :P), and Barton George took some snapshots, as did Lenz Grimmer. Watch their photo feeds soon…

Update: Giuseppe has blogged it too at Community dinner with Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green as has Kaj, at Jonathan Schwartz and Rich Green at the MySQL Community Pre-Conference Dinner party.

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  1. I’ve posted my photos at the MySQL Flickr group and also on my own site at

  2. byte says:

    Hi Ronald!

    Thanks for uploading the photos. Its of course much appreciated :)