Beijing Sun-MySQL World Tour

MySQL will be in Beijing, China, this week. Well, not MySQL per se, but I will be there. As will Kaj Arno. I arrive on 21 April 2008 and depart on 24 April 2008. I expect to be busy during the days, but my nights should be free. Drop me email at colinATmysqlDOTcom if you’d like to catch up.

There’s an event, on the 23rd of April as well. Its part of the Sun-MySQL World Tour. You definitely should be there, I’m sure there will be some nice schwag involved as well :)

Sitting in San Francisco, getting a little bored before my flight to Beijing. And Twitter is down, for 1.5 hours, for what they seem to call database maintenance. Wonder why. At least there’s IRC…

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I live in Beijing. I’ll be sure to drop by.

  2. melanie gao says:

    It was great meeting you here in Beijing Colin! :)

  3. byte says:

    Hi Jonathan, sorry we didn’t get to see you.

    Hi Melanie, it was great meeting with you in Beijing! Hope to see you more, while I make trips there :)

  4. Fred says:

    so sad I found out just today. Who ever is organizing might want to publicize a little bit more. Anyway I should probably read your blog daily ;-)

  5. byte says:

    Hi Fred!

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get to come or even know about it. I’ll be sure to email the organisers to ensure this doesn’t happen again…

    And yes, read my blog… or follow my travel on dopplr :)

  6. Jonathan says:

    I live in Beijing. I'll be sure to drop by.