NetBeans 6.1 with GlassFish, MySQL bundle

I couldn’t resist downloading NetBeans 6.1, with GlassFish and the MySQL bundle, the moment I found out it was released. Pulling it down while at the Star Alliance Gold lounge in Singapore was easy enough, and it only took me an hour (its a pretty big bundle – 164MB, as opposed to 6.0.1 where it only weighed in at 143MB for the OS X bundle).

Instead of the 4 packages in 6.0.1, I now only see 2 files – MySQL.prefPane (because we only fixed this in 5.0.51b, which probably didn’t make the release cut-off – the included version is 5.0.51a-community), and NetBeans IDE with MySQL.mpkg. The install is slated to take 526MB and takes a good two minutes.

I noticed that it doesn’t uninstall NetBeans 6.0.1, so my Applications folder now has two versions, including two versions of Glassfish (UR1 from 6.0.1 versus UR2 in 6.1). Upon starting 6.1, it does ask if I’d like to import settings from a previous version of NetBeans; of course I would.

You are then asked to register. I never looked at registering software as important, but I’m starting to think a lot more about it. One has to provide value, for a user to register – and we’ll explore this in another blog post. I’m writing this while on a plane, so it doesn’t make sense to register, anyway.

The first thing I do? Jump to the Services tab, make a connection to MySQL (look under Drivers -> MySQL (Connector/J driver)), and play with the sakila sample database.

NetBeans IDE 6.1 does queries in a GUI!
Design a query, using a GUI

Drill down into tables, find a table name (say, store if using the sakila sample database), drill down into a row, like store_id, right-click, and select Design Query. Now, feel free to drag tables and drop them, only to find that it now helps you create an ER diagram of your tables, while helping you design an appropriate query!

NetBeans IDE 6.1 does ER diagrams too!
ER diagrams for free

Play with the database tool a lot more. It looks like its got plenty of potential. It also looks like NetBeans is a great IDE for all your web development needs (PHP included). I’m certainly going to use it a lot more, even though I’m notably a vim guy.


  1. […] If you’ve not tried OpenSolaris 2008.05, you should probably give it a twirl. Sure, I’ve not installed it on bare metal hardware yet (I’ve been travelling so much, I’m not anywhere near machines), but it works fine inside VirtualBox. NetBeans is great if you’re writing Java, Ruby, PHP, and are connecting to a database – Connector/J for MySQL is shipped with it. If you were trying it out, take a look at the NetBeans+GlassFish+MySQL bundle. […]

  2. Mike says:


    I recently downloaded NetBeans 6.1 and Glassfish to improve my skills at developing web applications. The first line of the web app tutorial provided by NetBeans says,

    “1 Choose File > New Project (Ctrl-Shift-N) from the main menu. Under Categories, select Web. Under Projects, select Web Application then click Next.”

    However, on the list of Categories for the version I downloaded, there is no “Web” category, only “Java”, “NetBeans Modules”, and “Samples”.

    Can you tell me if I downloaded a wrong version, or NetBeans doesn’t recognize my download of Glassfish (i.e. no server, no need for Web app), or did I do something else wrong?

    Can I simply download another file or files in order to make available that “Web” category that is called for in the Web Application tutorial?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Joe says:

    Hi Mike,
    Hope u figured this by now.
    For web applications to appear u need to dowload apache tomcat from

  4. Mike says:


    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, I did figure out my problem a while ago, after searching the plug-ins.

    Perhaps you can answer another question I have. At work, we are being instructed to build our web pages using Business Delegates, Transfer Objects, Service Objects and Data Access Objects. I haven’t been able to find much documentation regarding this structure. Do you know of any resources (web sites, books, or other) that can provide some instruction for these entities?

    Thanks again,


  5. ami47 says:

    it has been a month ,I have learned core java and j2ee.I wanted to ask that can i use netbaeans right now or should I learn more of developiing applications on my own.please suggest a book for net beans 6.1.
    thanks in advance

  6. Be says:


    I install NetBeans 6.1 (with mysql server 5.0 and glassfish-v2ur2) onto my computer (windows vista business) to develope web application.

    When I create or open project(web application),there is a missing server problem.

    I try installing Apache Tomcat too. But it results the same.

    I try installing it on other computer(windows XP). It’s OK

    Is there a problem with netbean6.1 and vista?

    How should I do?

    Thanks ,


  7. J says:


    I installed Netbeans 6.1, JDK 6 and MySQL database server 5………….but i cannot make the connections………….tried following a number of blog entries and did a lot of google but i still cannot figure out!

    In Netbeans, when i try to make a new connection i.e.
    services->databases->new connection and then in the Basic setting provide,

    Name as “MySQL (connector/J Driver)
    at which it sets the Driver to a default value of “com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”…..the database url is set to jdbc:mysql://:/

    Then i supply the username and password at which it says that:
    “Unable to add connection.Cannot establish connection to jdbc:mysql://:/ using com.mysql.jdbc.Driver(Illegal port value ” ”

    I admit that am pretty much ignorant in this field…………..and right now am desperately in need of HELP !!! It’s been hours, could you please let me how to configure the settings and start working on it?

    Please…………ASAP !!!