Skype says: mounting failed

Never having had a problem downloading Skype before, I’m faced with an unusual problem, and have no solution. With getting my MacBook Air, I’ve been trying for weeks to download Skype (usually via mobile broadband, or via Wifi hotspots) and I’ve been failing. I get the usual “mounting failed” error. Annoying.

I filed a bug with Skype, and I have no idea if they’ll look into fixing it. My other option is to search thru my backups from my other Macs and look for a .dmg. All in all, pain

mounting failed: skype
Mounting failed

OS X can’t recognise it at all. For reference, the md5sum is: MD5 (Skype_2.7.0.330.dmg) = dfe1cb2286eccc906d642fca1325fef2.


  1. Jeremy says:

    Might be worth seeing if dmg2iso can open it, or at least, produce a better error message.

  2. aussieaubs says:

    ive got the dmg here – how do i get it to you? u got a ftp site??

  3. proper MD5: 31d7a1371aa701aafeaa0747777f6236
    file size: 36156455

  4. byte says:

    This seems to have been fixed, so all is well now…

  5. Alethea says:

    I’m having the same problem. You said the problem is fixed, but I’m still having it. What did you do to fix it???

  6. byte says:


    I just downloaded it, and now it seems to have a sane md5 and all seems to work. I don’t know if the downloads are broken again…

  7. Alethea says:

    Still not working for me. It starts downloading, get’s 1 or 2 MB into the download, and then quits, saying “mounting failed”.


  8. Jennifer says:

    It’s not Skype. I’ve had this problem across several softwares that I’ve tried to download. It’s actually a network problem. Either their server slowed down or your internet speed got too slow. Somehow the connection between you and them got slowed down enough to corrupt the download stream. This causes a file that’s unable to be mounted. Just try again later with a faster internet, or perhaps at a time when the Skype server may not be as busy. It should work fine at that point.