Sun Developer Days Singapore, MySQL Meetup

In addition to having the Malaysia University Days, there’s something brewing in Singapore too.

First up, there is the Singapore MySQL Meetup Group, having a meeting in July, at a new location (Sun Solutions Centre, Central Mall). Confirm your attendance for a meetup at 7pm on Monday, July 14 2008.

And the other reason to be in Singapore, is the Sun Developer Days 2008 Singapore, happening on Tuesday, July 15, 2008. This is an all-day long event, held at the Hilton Hotel – register now! The agenda is packed, and there is a big web focus: profile applications using the NetBeans IDE, MySQL, and using DTrace on Web applications (from JavaScript to the database).

So there, two events next week, in Singapore: MySQL Meetup and Sun Developer Days. See you there.

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  1. James Ng says:

    Dear Mr Colin Charles,

    I was an attendee of the event and was privileged to be able to speak to you. Thank you very much for a wonderful presentation on MySQL. I have found the tips given in the presentation is so useful that I really can’t wait to share them with my co-workers. May I know will you by any chance post the slides online for the public or participants of the event?

    Best Regards,