Failure – we can’t spell failure without U

Sparse notes, from An Open Source Project Called “Failure:” Community Antipatterns to Know and Avoid. Both lists of panel members are inaccurate (and I seemed to have forgotten to take the list down, myself).

Blocking anti-pattern
feature you really want implemented, someone blogs it saying they’re going to do it, and a few years later, there’s nothing done

Docs? We don’t need no stinkin’ docs!
Look at SQL-Ledger and their documentation… this is our hero… Project around for 10 years, and most people end up using a fork of it instead.

Don’t screw around with licenses. Licenses are a social contract defining what people can do with your code and what you expect from them when they use it. Most open source license enforcement is done via peer pressure, not court order.

Community members have emotional attachments to licenses and responses to changes in them.