Raj Kissu in the press for GSoC2008

Whether an online comic, or not, the New Straits Times is one of the three English dailies, that still cost some amount of money in Malaysia. Their Computimes pullout, now better known as Tech&U, featured Raj Kissu, a Summer of Code 2008 participant for MySQL. While the article itself, fails to mention MySQL, he describes what he’s working on:

I’m doing a project on binary large objects in database. Basically, it is aimed at allowing people to file or stream files online. The program is based on open source.

Kudos to Raj, kudos to Google, kudos to phpMyAdmin, and kudos to MySQL. As for the reporter, as usual, old medium journalism tends to be somewhat of a fail….

One Comment

  1. Yoon Kit says:

    I have very little faith left in old media tech reporting in Malaysia. Especially from Tech&U. They have consistently been clueless intentionally or not, about Open Source. Thats a main reason why I dont buy their publication anymore.