WTD: Ticket to Microsoft Tech.Ed SEA 2008

Anyone from Microsoft reading this? If you are, get me a ticket to Microsoft Tech.Ed South East Asia 2008.

Interesting talks look like:

  • ARC341: When localization goes bad by Chad Hower – the OSS world can learn a lot about just translating the UI text into another language
  • The entire Database Platform Track is interesting (duh!), especially Database Recovery, reporting services, and the overview of SQL Server 2008 (one can always learn, esp. with info about spatial data types, database compression, and so on)
  • TLA330: Concurrency and Parallel Programming by Justin Lee – seriously, I don’t think .NET when I think concurrency, parallel programming, high performance. But I’d like to be impressed, nonetheless
  • TLA335: Conquering XML with Visual Basic 9.0 by Lisa Feigenbaum – Say goodbye to XSLT and hello to VB 9 is the tagline. Interesting (VB is now at 9…)
  • The entire Office & SharePoint Track – obvious reasons, I like office software, and SharePoint I must say, is most interesting (though Khairil will tell me Plone does it all too)
  • SBP322 – Messaging, Identity, and Workflow in the Cloud by Nigel Watling – It has the magic word “cloud” in the title, I must take a gander… esp. with Microsoft Live! and their APIs that they’ll announce soon enough
  • WUX332 – How to Build an App like Twitter? by Dirk Primbs – Interesting, because I kind of know Twitter goodness, and have a real interest in messaging platforms. No specification of language, et al, but I am certain it’d be interesting.
  • Most of the Windows Server Infrastructure Track, with regards to virtualization, SVR425 – SMB v2.0 in Action by Ralf Schnell (where he even mentions Linux in his abstract), et al

You can ensure I’ll write interesting blog entries (maybe with video interviews) from what I learn. Heck, you guys should learn to hand out media passes, because there are a few talks that really do interest me..

Let’s see if Dear Microsoft works like Dear Lazyweb ;)


  1. AlpahG says:

    I have to love the typical South Eastern Asia politeness, I didn’t see a single PLEASE in your demand, Kiasu I think they call it in Singapore.

    why don’t you pony up the cash like the rest of us poor long suffering closed source fanboys

  2. byte says:

    What, “Dear” doesn’t count?

    No, I will not grovel, AlphaG. Most of the content there is fluff, and going by what @ditesh said (http://twitter.com/ditesh/statuses/877013996):
    @bytebot: Based on last year’s experience, it was a massive epic fail. I left when I realized I knew more then them about MS products.

    So no, I will not pony up money for something I think is going to be mostly a waste of time. However, I am willing to be impressed (i.e. I’m going there with an open mind)

    Surely, you’ve found better ways of spending a thousand ringgit, right? Think of all the beer you can buy…