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Mainstream media, always picking up things late. I’ve already suggested that they may soon be irrelevant as they’re only propaganda machinery, governed by the Minister of Propaganda (current ruling BN – go read George Orwell).

The Star is reporting that all ISPs ordered to cut access to the Malaysia Today site. Apparently, Malaysia has 21 ISPs – who knew, this? It goes on to say:

The notices were sent out on Tuesday in accordance with Section 263 of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

“This means that MCMC is allowed to block any particular website which has committed acts that contravene the local laws of the country, for example, sedition,” the source said.

Read ACT 588 – COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA ACT 1998 if you’re so inclined. If bored, the MCMC has a list of Acts that come under their purview.

Raja Petra hosts the site in a MyLoca data centre… owned and operated by TMNet. What’s next, turning off his tubes?

I don’t particularly read RPK, but I do find it disturbing that they’ve chosen to censor the Internet. In his usual flamboyant self, RPK says:

“The Government has clearly broken its own promise,” said Raja Petra yesterday. Asked whether he was notified of the reasons of the blocking, he answered no.

“I will turn this into a big issue, no doubt. When it is known that the Government has violated the charter, MSC will die. I will personally see to it,” he said.

Bloggers' Rights at EFF

Companies, thinking about coming to Malaysia, using the MSC status? Think twice… its starting to seem more and more like Beijing. I like how he says the “MSC will die” – the way I look at it, the MSC never took off as the then Prime Minister, Mahathir said it would. You don’t hear Cyberjaya being synonymous with Bangalore, do you? Topic for discussion, another day.

I urge more people to put up EFF badges supporting bloggers rights. Don’t let this wannabe-autocratic government take over.

N/B: Title says “mirror” as opposed to alternate URL… It makes it easier for indexing, afaik.


  1. ShaolinTiger says:

    IMHO Mirror and Alternate URL mean slightly different things too, alternate URL would just be another domain/sub-domain that points to the same server as before, same data, same location. Mirror would be the data replicated elsewhere and would also imply it might not be 100% up to date in real-time. Just my understanding anyway.

  2. byte says:

    Yes, ST, you are right. Hence the N/B at the bottom. More people are likely to search for IP or mirror, as opposed to alternate URL… I used the word and felt dirty, but the aim is to hope others continue getting their feed of RPK if they like reading him

    Of course, its lunch hour now, and a little quick check, and it does seem to be interesting:
    lovegood:~ byte$ host domain name pointer
    lovegood:~ byte$ host domain name pointer

    The first host is

    So maybe there’s some mirroring going on, with replication of data elsewhere? I don’t know. Maybe someone can ask RPK himself…

  3. Danesh says:

    I’ve got my badge up.

    Malaysia MSC? I have never seen in since day one…. Malaysia is filled with ignorant people and till that changes we the ones with the ideas will have to fight to stay afloat.

  4. salam says:

    Despite agreeing in having more freedom . I dont support total anarchy. Bloggers must also be responsible. I support the govt’s move. There are always limits as to what you can do. I see too many emotional and sometimes irrational statements being made which ultimately incite anger.Sorry brother.

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  6. Ruben says:

    So you support internet censorship, and the fact that the government can prevent any opinions that oppose their own or that undermine their intentions (which we must admit usually benefit a small group of people) be heard by the voters and tax payers and the masses.

  7. mano says:

    Dear salam, your comments supporting the MSC /govt move to censore
    shows that someone from msc sodomised u.
    people like u dont surf internet, just read utusan ,nst or tamil nesan.

    u must have gone to a half past six school.
    is MSC the judge to say that certain article are slanderous.
    Y we have courts ? if articles not true no one will read it anymore.

  8. hahaman says:

    this is wht we get when a bunch of local graduates run the country.

  9. Kenny Tan says:

    Cant access Malaysiatoday and its mirror site. Could have been blocked by those suckers ISP.

    Kindly email to me the new site and particularly any new spring-up site if the new ones get banned too.


  10. Teh yh says:

    Cant access Malaysiatoday and its mirror site.
    Kindly email to me the new site and particularly any new spring-up site if the new ones get banned too.


  11. biatch0 says:

    I’ve got no issues with MCMC deciding to “uphold” their laws… I do however have issues with them upholding the law that happens to be “useful” to the current government.

    If the MCMC was as hardworking on the rest of their laws, Malaysia would have a lot better internet in general.

    In particular: Act 588; Part 8; Chapter 1; Section 188: A person who provides any network service or applications service shall deal reasonably with consumers; and adequately address consumer complaints.

    (I’m sure TMNet’s treatment of the general internet user populace doesn’t quite fit the “adequately” description)