Buddy Pounce in AdiumX

For a long time, I managed to use a feature in GAIM Pidgin that was known as the Buddy Pounce. Its described as:

When you set a pounce on someone, you can choose from a number of events, such as sign on or status change, and then you choose from a number of actions. These actions include everything from playing a sound (like an alert would do) to sending a message to the person, to executing a command. This action will occur the next time pidgin detects the event, i.e. the next time the person in your buddy list who you have pounced signs on.

I hardly use Pidgin any longer. I use its cousin, AdiumX, on the Mac (work IM? There’s skype and IRC). To do it in Adium, you have to right click on the contact, select Get Info, then set up a pounce in the Events tab.

Great, now you can hear when someone you care about signs in… With reference to ticket#921. Not very intuitive, but maybe I was seasoned to look for “Buddy Pounce”.

  • Wes

    Thanks, handy tip. It’s certainly not obvious how to do this but once you know where to look it makes sense.

  • Dave

    I know this is the wrong forum, but as a mac switcher as of this week, I’d LOVE to right click a buddy and see “Events” in the right click menu, and then when you pull up the events tab (that already exists and is analagous to buddy pounces) the categories return from away and return from idle are at the top (because this is the most likely event people will want to trigger it)

    Oh, and be able to set events based on multiple triggers, whichever occurs first or even at the same time.. like, (again) returns from away or returns from idle, they both indicate pretty much the same thing and are the most likely “buddy pounce” for me (probably lots of others too) to use.


  • Wes

    Thanks, handy tip. It's certainly not obvious how to do this but once you know where to look it makes sense.