MySQL Lists via NNTP

MySQL Lists are available via NNTP, so you can use your newsreader! If only all lists were like this.

Now for the real motivations…

After all acquisitions, things tend to change. We’ve been mostly nudged to migrate to using Sun’s email systems, and you can imagine its fun moving about three years worth of mail from one server to another. Especially, while you’re at the developer’s meeting, with lots of people sucking bandwidth.

The recommended method is to Ctrl+drag (OK, Command+Drag for me on the Mac) folders. This is called pain. My Sieve filters are also not importing without pain.

As a consequence, I’ve unsubscribed from all MySQL Lists. But that’s the point of this post – you can read all MySQL Lists using NNTP (with a newsreader of course – Thunderbird is a good one, as is Pan or slrn).

Point yourself to news:// in your newsreader and have a good time. Less email. Still the same great lists.

One Comment

  1. Adam Monsen says:

    Awesome! I’m so much in favor of the USENET in place of mailing lists. Permanent public archives, easy [un]subscribe, many choices for client software, fast, etc. Gmane’s mail-to-news gateway is extremely convenient in this regard.