Online catalogue software?

Dear Lazyweb,

I was browsing FACES recently, and noticed that they had an e-magazine. Nothing fancy, you have to zoom in and out to read it, making it kind of annoying on a laptop screen (the real experience will come on the 24″ or 30″ screens maybe).

What annoyed me was that the software was Windows only. It seemed to only work in Internet Explorer. These jokers make the software (Digital Magazine I believe, it is). Windows only is a silly market to be targeting – more and more Macs and Linux desktops are becoming a reality.

So, what are the other open source solutions for catalogues, brochures, magazines?

Flash is slow. The Ikea catalogue is a Flash app. Windows only (with ActiveX?) is a fail. Is there some JavaScript+CSS goo that can make it all work, in-browser? Something that also makes it usable on screens that are still standard (1024×768 resolutions?).