Quran’s costing RM1.3 million – wisest use of tax payer money?

This was in the news recently: Quran in hotel rooms soon. Excerpts:

A copy of the Quran and its intepretation will be made available in most hotel rooms in the country to allow both Muslims and non-Muslims to have “access” to the Holy book.

Ahmad Zahid said Jakim would be printing another 50,000 copies of the Quran’s interpretation for the purpose, costing some RM1.3mil, adding these books were in English to cater to foreign visitors and tourists.

50,000 copies. RM1.3 million. RM26 per Quran. Jakim is the Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia. It’s a Malaysian Government institution.

Now, if you’re in a 3-star hotel or above, you’re getting a Quran, courtesy of the Malaysian Government. Courtesy of your tax payer ringgit. I think there’s better ways to spend RM1.3 million of money from the rakyat – let’s feed and shelter the homeless, for a start.

Another healthy way the government of the day, is spending your hard earned tax ringgit!

Update: @nazroll tells me that this comes out of zakat payments, that only Muslims pay. I still believe there are better ways to spend zakat payments, but I don’t run the country, now do I? Zakat from the Malaysian government or Zakat via Wikipedia… Wikipedia describes zakat as “alms for the poor” – I don’t know how accurate that is, but if you’re staying in a 3-star hotel and above, you aren’t exactly poor ;)

Next up, time to read up on Islamic Banking/Economics. Looks like an interesting topic! (I mean I’m bombarded with signs about it, let’s see how it compares with regular banking)

Update 2: There was active chatter on Twitter! @ditesh tells us that the zakat is a tax credit, and Wikipedia explains the taxation behind it. @nazroll continues to tell us that development is OK, and people are curious to know how the money is spent, and it is available upon request. Lots worry about accountability, and @nazroll hits it spot on.


  1. Nice, Google Ads are showing “SingleMuslim.com” for this blog entry. :)

    Anyway, don’t remind me.. please don’t. I get so frustrated every time I know how much I’m paying for the tax and how fun they’re spending it over there.


  2. byte says:

    I don’t actually see any google ads :) I like browsing with AdBlock so can’t share the same irony.

    These are from zakat payments though… if only we had the freedom of information act (foia).

  3. Danesh says:

    It’s good for others to know about the Muslim faith. My dad and many others have read it and I plan to do the same some day. One will truly undestand his/her religion/faith only when he/she understands the faith/believes of others.

    The same mind set should apply to the Muslims, don’t do stupid stuff like ban Yoga.

    Stop with the double standards. The world is free and so should it’s people.


  4. tekong says:

    Hi bytebot.

    infos: zakat means alms for the poor. However, there are 7 people able to receive zakat. that is

    1. fakir – poor that he/she didn’t earn a penny and didn’t have job
    2. miskin – poor that he/she earn some money however, it’s not enough to support a living.
    3. amil – a person that collect zakat/distribute zakat
    4. muallaf – a new muslim reverts/converts
    5. riqab – A slave that want to free himself by paying some money
    6. al-gharimin : a person that loans a money and can’t repay them.
    7. Fisabilillah – those who do job for islam
    8. ibnus-sabil : those traveller that cut-off without resources during their travel

    this was taken from Wikipedia Malaysia. I retain some arabic term to kept accountability plus give u extra info :) However, as for ‘if you’re staying in a 3-star hotel and above, you aren’t exactly poor ;)’ that act of putting al-Quran inside a hotel was fall under category #7, Fisabilillah that is a job for islam, which is to spread info about Islam. FYI, there’s a muslim students who also receive fund/zakat because the act of studying also considers as Fisabilillah. But only for those who are poor, not the student who have a lot of money.

    However it really saddens me because of Hanky-Panky among muslims in Zakat Department when managing our alms/zakat. some people really deserve it but bureaucracy will gets over it. Like what nazroll said, if they fcuked things up, they ask for it.I remember my muslim reverts friends who face difficulty to ask for zakat/alms.

    Hope that clarify your point. feel free to ask any questions :)

  5. tekong says:

    sorry.. it was 8 people.. typo.

  6. Ruben says:

    They can use this tax money to feed hardcore poor people in the country, and not just benefit some people in 3 star hotels.