Just Friends

xkcd hits the nail in the wall with the friends strip.

Being afraid to ask, is silly. If there’s ever advice I will impart to those that will listen, it should be that you should ask. Before its too late. The longer you sink into the “friends zone”, the more you’ll feel you have to lose… the more you’ll fear rejection… the more you’ll fear the good thing ending.

The best advice is: “I could ask you out, and move on with my life if you said no”. Listen to xkcd! You cannot lose what you never had (no matter how good it feels in your head – its just your rabid imagination).

Life threw me that lemon before, and I’ve learned from it. That’s why I can safely dole out advice. It always seems clearer in retrospect.

Of course, life however, remains interesting. Because sometimes hard and fast rules like this, just don’t work. There are grey areas. But the fear (“I am going to date this jerk… But he doesn’t respect you”) always remains.

Who knows? In time, I might be doling out more advice, as I take on this roller-coaster ride called life.


  1. Ditesh says:

    the colorrary would be that despite gut instincts, some women are better as friends (which having a relationship will completely and utterly ruin).

  2. biatch0 says:

    You’re right…

    Colin will you be my steady???

  3. biatch0 says:

    You're right…

    Colin will you be my steady???