Networked multi-function printers/scanner recommendations

I just never have the luck with network printers. My purchase last year (yes, hello 2009) was a HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP – its a network printer with fax/copying/printing/scanning capabilities.

What annoys me about it is that in Fedora 8, I could only print via the network – there was no way I could scan via the network. The story unfortunately, is similar on Mac OS X – the HP Scan application only works when the USB dongle is connected, which kind of defeats the purpose of a networked multi-function device. In Microsoft Windows land however, one can scan via the network!

Is there a multi-function device, that is a laser printer, and is affordable, that allows one to print and scan via the network on Linux and Mac OS X? I just want to de-clutter in 2009.


  1. Jeremy says:

    I don’t know if you’re after a business or home type printer, but we have a HP PSC 2510 that has a web interface for scanning, which is really handy.

    Not only that, but getting it working with something like Xsane is as simple as an apt-get install hpijs, and answering the debconf questions.

    Never scanned on it with OS X, but I’m sure the web interface at least will work.

    • byte says:

      Thanks Jeremy. From what I gather, the PSC 2510 isn’t quite what I’m after… Its a photo printer, which is cool and all, but I’d prefer the workhorse to be a LaserJet (just used it longer, and I know it works a lot harder).

      Yup, hpijs/Xsane is what I use on Linux, and there have been some network printers that allow scanning over the network, just not this particular model. The older models worked just fine using Xsane (I can’t remember exactly which one, but its one Stewart/MacplusG3 recommended to me – but that one died a horrible death via the printer head itself failing in the first week of me owning it, so I promptly returned it to HP)

  2. Have you considered just hooking up a USB-Ethernet dongle/print server or even utilising something like a Fox board?

  3. Jeff Waugh says:

    Pia and I got an HP Photosmart 3310 printer/scanner/fax. Unfortunately, after a while it stopped picking up paper in its tray (which makes it completely useless as a fax or printer), but it has always been wonderful as a WiFi (WPA2) or wired network device. I still use it as a network scanner.

    Perhaps there is a more recent model that is built more solidly. :-)