Tokyo Cabinet in MySQL?

I read Tokyo Cabinet: Beyond Key-Value Store today from one of the news sites, and it reminded me of Brian’s hack on Tokyo Cabinet == Tokyo Engine. Looking at TokyoEngine in Brian’s Mercurial repository, there have been no updates in over a year. Is anyone planning on taking up development of this? Tokyo Cabinet looks really interesting, and Brian has already started the enabling of making it a MySQL engine.


  1. Brian Aker says:


    It is only interesting as a replacement for MyISAM… other then that? It doesn’t have much use. I have spoke to the main author of TC and in his opinion it would be a better idea to implement a replacement engine that was more aware of MVCC at its core.


  2. I have a drizzle branch with a tokyo cabinet engine in it. It’s Brian’s latest one with a bunch of bug fixes to (for a start) make it work :)

  3. byte says:

    @Brian: Ah ok. So you’ve spoken with the author. And soon we’ll get a MyISAM replacement… “soon” being the keyword

    @Stewart: You work fast. Is it on launchpad?

    Seems all the cool toys are sitting in drizzle now… Maybe I should take on a tree and have cool engines in mysql somewhere too. Ha!