MySQL participates in Google Summer of Code 2009!

I was a little worried last week with regards to our Google Summer of Code status, but I’m glad to see that MySQL has been accepted, for a third year running, for the Google Summer of Code 2009.

Mentors & students alike, check out the ideas page. You as a student can even submit ideas, and we’ll look for a mentor for you, naturally.

Things we’re looking for:

  • Simple bug fixes
  • Improvements in documentation of code
  • Test suite improvements
  • New features, but simple enough to implement in timeframe
  • Pet projects
  • Extending tools, creating new tools that support MySQL
  • Wider ecosystem that is MySQL – this means I’m looking at you, Drizzle, even

Again, if you have any queries, drop me a line via email, as I’m the Program Administrator again :)

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