Google Friend Connect, revisited

About a month ago, I decided to try Google Friend Connect and their Social Bar. I still haven’t figured out its use fully yet, but maybe its there for keeping my readers connected to each other?

Is this what Google Friend Connect is for?

A modest number of folk have joined, but today I noticed them becoming friends. Win?

Its good to see that Business Times in Malaysia has something similar. All this is the work of @kedai. Lots of members, but no conversation yet, so it proves that there’s not much great use of it yet. I notice that there is a “Like!” activity (look at this for example), which then gets shared in the stream (not a comment but it says “username liked article”). This is again something kedai wrote, which is a very simple activity.

He, like I, wants to know how else you can socialise a site?

Update: Robert Scoble speaks to Kevin Marks about this, and the video itself is pretty interesting. There’s also a little discussion happening on FriendFeed.


  1. Paul Tan says:

    To me, I think it adds a comment feature easily to that site in particular. I notice that comments added are unique to each page.

    • byte says:

      But all blogs these days have a comment feature. Unless we’re using Friend Connect on non-blog-like sites (say, business times, or something). But even the malaysian insider, while not a blog, is joomla powered, and has the ability to comment on news feeds.

      to me, it also seems that the comments added aren’t unique to each page. maybe thats a configuration option (i think it was… i can’t remember), but most software allows commenting now anyway

      • Paul Tan says:

        yeah by “that site in particular” i meant nst sorry. i browsed around, left some comments, and found that on nst the comments are unique to each story. i may be wrong tho.

  2. nazroll says:

    i use it on the nuGrooveTV blog. juz not sure if its useful enough.