Taxis in Bangkok

Bangkok is always an interesting place for me. For example, I was at the hotel, and needed to get to Asoke. It was apparently going to take an hour in a taxi, so I was advised to take the Skytrain. 20THB, and 3 stops later, I was at my destination. Win!

Coming back, was of course interesting. I hailed a taxi, and got in, but the first cabbie had no idea how to get to the Intercontinental. So I got into another, and he said the same thing, but had now moved me to another street. I got into yet another taxi, and it seemed like this guy seemed to know, but a little while down the road, he asked for like 500THB. I said no, the meter needed to be used.

He stopped me by the side of the road, to “negotiate”. I said nothing doing, I’d report him otherwise. He started using vulgaraties, so I took a photo of his cab, and told him to fuck off. He wasn’t too pleased, but I know my rights. Found another taxi, and this time, he took me to Siam Paragon, and another hotel completely. I mean, like, what the fuck, this should be easier. I paid him a paltry sum, and ended up getting into yet another taxi, to take me back to the hotel.

How many taxis did I take? Five.

Conclusion? This can be improved. Tremendously. Suddenly, taxis in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, don’t seem half bad.


  1. aussieaubs says:

    I always take a GPS with me and plot the map then tell the taxi to follow the directions….

  2. Ruben says:

    Gotta post the picture, and his face too.

  3. umukun says:

    They always over-charges, impolite and try to cheating us.
    Sample, they offer a price with out meter fare : (
    I deny that and then driver said “get-out”
    Very bad TAXI in Bangkok try to use another challenge way (may be worst) is public transport.