MariaDB 5.1.42 released!

Dear MariaDB users,

MariaDB 5.1.42, a new branch of the MySQL database which includes all major open source storage engines, myriad bug fixes, and many community patches, has been released. We are very proud to have made our first final release, and we encourage you to test it out and use it on your systems.

For an overview of what’s new in MariaDB 5.1.42, please check out the release notes.

For information on installing MariaDB 5.1.42 on new servers or upgrading to MariaDB 5.1.42 from previous releases, please check out the installation guide.

MariaDB is available in source and binary form for a variety of platforms and is available from the download pages.

It is also our pleasure to announce that we have a partnership with Webyog to offer their tools for trial and at a discounted rate if purchased within 30 days. Find out more at: Download – SQLyog MySQL Fronted, MONyog MySQL Monitoring Tool or via the software partner downloads.

We welcome and appreciate your feedback, bug reports, bug fixes, patches, and participation on our mailing list. Find out more about working with the community.


  • Ulf Wendel

    Go MySQL native driver for PHP (mysqlnd), go PHP 5.3! mysqlnd ships with the PHP source code. No need to care about PHP 5.1.5.- PHP 5.1… what was that, I don't remember.

  • This is great progress, but it doesn't include all major open source storage engines. It has neither the built-in nor the plug-in versions of InnoDB. When XtraDB was added they were removed.

  • Justin Noel

    I haven't tried Maria yet, but I'd strongly suggest people try WebYog. I've been using it for years. I even use it on my Mac via Parallels because there is no better native Mac client. Yes, using in Parallels sucks, but WebYog is that good.

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  • Rahul Sundaram

    Hey Charles

    Any plan on getting this into the Fedora repository?