MariaDB going places: Drupal, Zend Framework

MariaDB just released MariaDB 5.1.50. Linux, Solaris and Windows (32-bit) are supported. Go give it a twirl.

Its also worth noting that today when you go install Drupal, and check out the documentation for requirements, you’ll see that MariaDB is now a recommended option.

Via the new news page at Monty Program’s newly designed website, I also found out that MariaDB is now recommended in the documentation for the next release of the Zend Framework. See the changelog.


  1. Guest says:

    “Introducing MariaDB support in Zend_DB” in the changelog. How do you interpret that as recommended?

    • colincharles says:

      Also recommended alongside MySQL. Just like Drupal. At this early stage in MariaDB's life, its wiser to look for “being recommended alongside” rather than *only being recommended*

      Got to take victories as they come don't you think?