I’ll be going to this year, and am totally excited (the last time I spoke there was in 2007 – Paying it Forward: Harnessing the MySQL Contributory Resources – where I talked about moving from BitKeeper to Bazaar, using Launchpad, the MySQL Forge, and more). This time around, I will be giving a talk titled: MariaDB: The new M in LAMP. I feel a little nostalgia, because the MySQL ecosystem has evolved a lot since December 2007.

The database crew is going to be strong there, as we also have Gary Pendergast, my friend from MySQL (now Oracle) giving a talk titled: Tuning MySQL for Performance, Stability and Fail Safety.

We figured we’d have some kind of meetup, either over chai or if we can find space to have a little database BoF. If you have any questions, queries, etc. about MariaDB or MySQL, don’t hesitate to find either one of us. If you would like to meetup, shoot me an email: colin[at]montyprogram[dot]com. is happening December 15-17 2010 in Bangalore, India. Register now, if you haven’t already. See you there next week!

P/S: I will be there with some Salmiakkikossu to keep the tradition alive!