Ditched the iPad… for a Nexus 7

About two weeks ago, I ditched my iPad. I backed it up, did a clean reset, and gave the iPad to my mother. My primary tablet now is the Google Nexus 7. 

I like the 7″ form factor better. It is also much lighter. The battery life compared to the iPad isn’t nearly as great, but I’ll just have to make do.

Why not an iPad Mini? Quite simply because I bought the Nexus 7 first and cannot justify carrying 2 7″-like tablets. I realized I didn’t use that much software, regularly, on my iPad so the migration process wasn’t too difficult.

My mother is enjoying playing tonnes of games on it. The only game she’s purchased is PvZ HD which is on sale now for $0.99. Everything else is free.

Me? I’m getting used to the Nexus 7 as my primary device. What do I use on it mostly? Web browser (Chrome). Kindle to read books. NYTimes application, though I hate that I have to see ads even though I’m a paying user. Evernote for little snippets of notes here & there.

Beyond that, I’m now on a trip and have no inclination to miss my iPad. Weird feeling, huh?


  1. Sian Lun Lau says:

    and guess what? I own an iPad mini since almost 2 weeks, and love the 7″ (ok, 8″) form factor – it is really handier, and i find it more interesting to “use” than a 10″ iPad, for instance. 

    I saw the nexus 7 earlier, almost bought it but somehow ended up with the iPad mini. 

    • colincharles says:

      I expect that if I held out, I’d have bought an iPad Mini. But at this stage, I have no interest in grabbing one. I’ll wait for the 2nd generation or iPad Mini Retina to show up. I expect its at most 2 generations away